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About this Map


The #DogFriendly map helps you find and share dog friendly spots around the city.

What is a #DogFriendly spot?

Dog friendly spots are places and businesses that are welcoming to your pooch. Locations should include one of the following: comfortable space to tie up dogs, water bowls, inside access to dogs, treats, off-leash space.

Why #DogFriendly?

We all know leaving a dog in a parked car can be dangerous, but did you know tragedy can strike in under 15 minutes? #DogFriendly is a community where people can find and share spots that keep dogs out of the car and out of harms way. Learn more


Save a dog

Hundreds of dogs are killed every year by cars. Even when they’re parked. Share our latest video and help spread the word about dog safety.

If you see a dog trapped in a car, here’s what you can do to help.

  • Write down the make model and license of the car.
  • Have security of the store or mall parking lot page the driver.
  • Call the Toronto Humane Society 416-392-2273 or the local police 416-808-2222, ext. 0 or 911
  • Do not leave the scene until authorities arrive.

Dog Caller®

Many dogs have died from heatstroke in recent years due to unforeseen factors like home air conditioners breaking down from power failures. Dogs can’t let you know when they’re in danger. Especially when you’re not with them. The Dog Caller® contacts your phone if your pet is in danger of heat exhaustion. We're pleased to announce that The Dog Caller® is fully functional, and we are working with designers and manufacturers as well as looking to crowd-fund the final product with the end goal of having it available across North America. We hope to have The Dog Caller® available in the new year!


Suggestion: Add the name, location and reason why it’s great to your tweet.

Example: Jill’s Coffee at Main Street and Bank Road is a great #DogFriendly spot. Find fresh water and dog treats here.